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Released: April 07, 2018

Jesse Gearhart, AKA Run Red Cassette released his studio project “Everything’s Mutual Between Us”. Jesse played almost everything himself, so you see why he’s such an asset to the Realgrey team. Self produced this project was engineered by Ron Flack, John King, Ariana Horton. Mixed by John King except tracks 1 and 3 by Kevin Embleton. Mastered by John Finley.

Everything's Mutual Between Us, Run Red Cassette


Released: February 01, 2014

By the time Tosca landed at Realgrey she was already a seasoned recording artist. Her ear for melody, composition and production are evident in this 4 song EP. Currently available at Spotify and Amazon music. It was tracked here at the studio and handed off to Joel Maze for mixing and mastering.

Purple World, Tosca Abigail


Released: October 04, 2013

Engineered by: Ron Flack, Erik Hansen, Dave Seymour, Matt Kurtz, Spencer Martin, Clayton Thorton, Nate Netti, and John King. Mixed by: Spencer Martin, Ron Flack, Clayton Thorton, Nate Netti and John King. Mastered by: Carl Saff. Artwork: Nate Van Twisk

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The Warmer Winds, John King

Control Room Virtual Tour

  • Ron gets into it ... when there’s a great take and he’s always positive, building everyone up
    Kevin McManus
    Session Bassist, Kent Ohio
  • Ron has an amazing ear and he's not afraid to try any ideas out... His resume is very diverse from singer-songwriter beauty and simplicity to dirty nasty rock 'n' roll. I absolutely love working with him in his studio
    Jason “Goody” Goodwin
    The Got it Got it Need it, Recording Artist
  • What always matters first is the song. Ron gets that on every level ... He’s thoughtful, humble and has a gift for helping and guiding artists from any genre to finding the absolute best in their art.
    Benjamin Payne
    Yankee Bravo, Producer, Engioneer, Recording Artist
  • Ron’s vision has always been to enable the songwriters of our community to consider their craft and to take it to the next level, My experience there truly goes beyond the music. The Realgrey community has become a part of my story
    Anya VanRose
    The Anya VanRose Band, Recording Artist
  • A skilled audio technician with his own boutique recording studio, Ron Flack is first and foremost a music fan. He speaks of the area musicians he records with admiration and even a touch of awe.
    Dan Kane
    Canton Repository, Music Writer
  • Realgrey seems to be A Songwriter's and Musician's Paradise as much as Bring Your Song is. I love what you guys do.
    Dillon Stewart
    Cleveland Magazine, Music Writer

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Wrestling with the Bad News: Guy Randall

Wrestling with the Bad News: Guy Randall

“Play me the bad news,” Guy Randall sings, his voice a little like Don Henley, a little like Joe Cocker.  The riffs, the words, are bluesy for certain, but they are also full of tender, honeyed, existential soul

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Newest Member of the Realgrey Arsenal - Neotek Elite Mixing Console

Newest Member of the Realgrey Arsenal - Neotek Elite Mixing Console

Over the last few years I’ve become familiar with the Neotek line of vintage recording consoles.  We’re thankful to have added an Elite to our recording tool offering.

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