Ron Flack, Owner of Realgrey Records

“I’ve crossed lines because of the help and challenge of others, I feel like the studio is a catalyst for that challenge to be passed on.”
—Ron Flack


In the fall of 1979, a freshman art student at MVNU, Ron quickly found a pocket of songwriters and organized events that matched songwriters with musicians. "Students at Work" provided a catalyst for these young writers to bring their songs to life. These student lead events continued after Ron's "requested departure" after his first year.

Having witnessed these student lead events, Bob Finnie, then a professor of music at MVNU invited Ron to monthly lessons. Never having formal music education, Ron only playing by ear, learning theory, scales, harmony, melody was like gold. Bob would ask Ron to play his latest work and helped him understand what he just played. This selfless act on the part of Professor Finnie changed the course of Ron's life. Bob was instrumental in getting Ron back into school, where he would finish in 1987.

In the late 80's to the mid 90's Ron was a youth worker. Music was a wonderful connecting point with his young friends. In 1995 Ron applied for and was accepted to Al Denson's Music Camp in Nashville. A year later Ron and family moved to Hermitage TN. Midi sequencing, arranging and recording his own music bleed into work with colleagues and neighbors (everyone in Nashville is a musician).

As opportunities in the technologies arose for Ron, he and his family moving back to Ohio to be closer to loved ones. In the early 2000's this musician turned producer found web design & software UX engineering a natural fit. Realgrey Creative was born. The recording chops he leaned in Nashville along with his love for people and music found him recording/mixing in NE Ohio songwriters scene.

In 2010 a small group of songwriters began meeting in his living room. This monthly gathering became known as "BRING YOUR SONG" (BYS). Word of mouth grew this small group of songwriters into a network of songwriters, musicians, engineers and producers, many working from Ron's home studio. Realgrey Creative became Realgrey Records.

in 2015 Ron and his songwriting friends converted his side property Carriage house into a small but adequate dedicated recording space. As studio traffic and Ron's passion to help musicians cross lines has grown, tape machines were added, recording consoles found their way in and out of the studio until the spring of 2022, Carl Tatz installed his industry respected PhantomFocus Monitoring System. Now the newest chapter of the studio's life is being birthed.