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Tell us about your music

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Head engineer at REALGREY RECORDS, John King

John King, Producer, Engineer, Musician

John King and Ron Flack talk about the process of transitioning from Songwriter to Producer and Engineer. John joined forces with Realgrey Records 7 years ago. Listen to some of Johns work on the CARRIAGE SONG podcast.

R. James Flack New Release

R. James Flack New Release

The track "Room for Us" was a recording process of 8 years. It was written for solo piano in 1999. The arrangement was a process of shared mp3s and conversations with a group of Northeast Ohio musicians. A common request was, "Play what I meant, not what I played”. So the recording sessions were wide open in the early stages. As parts were added, the options would narrow, sort of like an oil painting...we committed and then worked creatively with what we had. Listen on Bandcamp

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127 18th Street NW - Canton Ohio 44703

Phone: +1 330 REAL 127
Email: studio@realgrey.com