What has working at Realgrey meant for you?

We moved to NE Ohio from Nashville in 1998.  I still had some of my recording gear from my traveling days.  Freelance design became my mainstay as I found myself wanting to sleep in my own bed every night.


So how did this whole studio thing get started and what has it meant to our community here in Canton?

I setup my studio in the dinning room which I used for CD design, web development, multimedia projects, sequencing (for those who remember what that was) and demo recording projects. In 2003 the name Realgrey Creative was adopted. In 2011, Josh Compton asked, "what should I put in the credits of my CD for the name of the studio?" Since that time Realgrey Records has been our handle. We made it legal a few years later and to the government we're known as Realgrey Records LLC.

So, why am I telling you all this? Am I just a mindless old man who can't find his pants? No, no. I'm pretty sure my pants are in my room somewhere.

Like many, whom I've had the privilege of walking alongside as you've developed your music, I'm on this life long journey of finding what roll music/creativity plays in my life ... at times, asking myself, does any of this even matter?

Yes, it matters.

As Realgrey has become more and more a part of my livelihood, there have been a handful of values that I've hoped would make a difference for my fellow creatives ... those who's path would intersect w/ the studios.

I was tempted to spell all that out, but I'd rather hear from you. Those of you who have crossed paths w/ the studio. What do you have to say? What has the presence of the studio here in sunny Canton Ohio meant to you?

If you would be so kind, please refer to the "What has Realgrey meant to you" button below. I'd love to hear what you think the value of the studio is.

And I thank you kindly,

What has Realgrey meant to you