The studio house kit as recorded in our new acoustic room

Realgrey is blessed to have a host of very talented interns this semester, two of which help me with an idea.  Percussionist Adam McClousky and Composer Callum Amacher have worked together for quite some time so I felt like they’d be the perfect duo to test the studio kit in our newly revamped acoustic room (formally known as our control room).


{music_player_widget} Anytime you change something about the shape or acoustic nature of a room the engineers question will always be, "how will drums sound in there?"

First // Jazz example:
Adam tuned the kit up for jazz as described in the video, and although he used the studio kit, he did bring his own cymbals, kick pedal, snare and his own sticks.

Second // Rock example:
Adam felt like he didn't need to retune the toms due his playing style. He did use a different snare as described in the video.

Callum composed a jazz idea roughly 3 years ago that he stowed away for an occasion such as this. His composition along with Adam articulate drumming style were the ticket to help listeners understand the versatility of our house kit in the acoustic room.

We used the following mic arrangement and signal path:
Kick in Shure Beta 52 - Neve 511 preamp - Warm Audio WA-76
Kick out Warm Audio WA-47jr - Neve 511 preamp
Snare top/bottom Sure SM57s - Neve 511s - Top to Warm Audio WA-76
Rack/Floor Toms Sennheiser 421s - API 312s - EL8 Destressors
Over heads Mojave 201 FETs - Focusrite ISA 428 preamps (designed by Rupert Neve)

Thanks guys for being willing to help me out with your amazing talent.