The Nuts and Bolts of the PhantomFocus Monitoring System

Utilizing an amalgam of techniques, proprietary protocols, hardware and software, the PhantomFocus™ System is a powerful tool in optimizing monitor systems.


Realgrey Records is thrilled to welcome Carl Tatz’s PhantomFocus monitoring system to the updated control room!

Carl Tatz, a Nashville-based studio designer and acoustician, has developed a precise and ingenious system that can allow for an incredible listening experience in any space. Although Tatz’s design business, Carl Tatz Design, offers a variety of services, including complete studio design, the PhantomFocus system can be used in any environment. According to Tatz, the system is based on specific setup criteria more than equipment or location. Even a bedroom studio with lower-budget monitors can be transformed into a top-notch control room with this individualized system.

Part of the beauty and uniqueness of the PhantomFocus system comes from the fact that Tatz personally sets it up. Working off photos and conversation with studio owners, Tatz develops an idea of what each control room will need. Once he arrives on site, the setup process takes two days. The first day is dedicated to placing the monitors according to highly specific measurements, which Tatz achieves using laser technology to calculate height and distance. The second day is focused on tuning.

The PhantomFocus system is built from the monitors out, and uses control room measurements to determine the “sweet spot” for listening to monitor output. Although this means that only one person at a time will get to enjoy the full beauty of the system, it makes for an incredible listening and mixing experience for the person in the control room chair. Tatz’s experience as an acoustician has allowed him to create a control room sound that feels live and three-dimensional, making for better recording, better production, and, ultimately, better music.

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