Tebbs (Stephen) Karney - Cleveland Pedal Steel Session Player

Rodney and the Regulars, Terrycloth Mother and Cory Grinder & The Playboy Scouts find Tebbs lighting up the stage on a regular basis.


In past sessions with Tebbs we've found his ability to nail the part to be exceptional ... His humble demeanor makes him easy to work with. He really doesn't have anything to prove so his goal is to make sure the artist is happy with the out come. He's the kind of human we love to promote and share with the Realgrey Network.

We owe a big thank you to Maddie Indré for introducing Tebbs to the studio. He's played on several of her tracks and has been able to play either supportive kinds of textures or ripping leads. No matter what Maddie's masterful songs present, he seemed to lay it down like breathing.

We've wanted to bring players like Tebbs to the Realgrey Network, so on September 4th we've booked Tebbs for an open session so to speak. We've had a few artist show interest in having him play on a track and we thought while he was here, we'd open it up to the larger community.

Here's how we see the session on September 4th shaking down ... we'll have session files formatted and ready when he walks in the door at 10AM. So if you are interested in having him play on a track, here's some things that you/we need to have in place:

1. A stereo mix of the track you want him to play on. Put the song tempo (bpm) in the title.
2. A reference or 2, tracks you've heard w/ steel that represent the direction you want to go.
3. Access to Google Meet so we can remotely let you hear what he's doing during the session and have you interact with the engineer and Tebbs directly.
4. Reach out to the studio at: studio@realgrey.com
OR Leave a message at +1 (330)-732-5127
5. We humbly ask that you cover the cost on the morning of the session. You'll be sent a means to do that in the confirmation email.

We'll reach out with an actual cost (confirmation email) once we have the slots filled. At this point it appears to be around $75 total cost for one song. +/- $25 roughly $100 for 2.

Note: If the session time needs to be changed you will be notified via email and we'll do what we can to keep the makeup date inside a 2 week span from the original session.