Song naming convention

A simple way to keep track of song arrangement changes along with recording iterations.


It's typical to "bounce" a quick mix after each session. It's great to listen to what you recorded for a few days after the fact. It give you a chance to digest what you've accomplish and also plan for future sessions.

As you progress through even a small project, It doesn't take long for your bounce folder to endup being an ocean of these quick mixes. Keeping things straight can be a challenge so we humbly submit to you a simple naming convention to help you keep things organized.

There's a few things we need allow for in our naming convention:
1. Which artist the track belong to
2. Song names can and often do change during the process of recording
3. Arrangements can change as well
4. Sessions usually progress by instrument

For the sake of example let's talk about how this naming convention would have worked for Elvis and his song "Blue Suede Shoes". Further, let's say the first session was a "scratch session", where a reference is recorded for the sake of tempo, time signature and composition.

Example bounce
EP01.01.01 Shoes Scratch.mp3

EP01 constitutes segment 1. Segment 1 contains 2 letters to identify the artist (Elvis Presley), 2 numbers to identify the song.
01.01 constitutes segment 2. Segment 2 contains 2 sets of numbers. The first set identify the arrangement (this is the first arrangement). The second set identify the iteration (this is the first recording).
Shoes Scratch constitutes segment 3. Segment 3 contains 2 elements, a one word title (Shoes to represent "Blue Suede Shoes") and one word description of the recording (Scratch).

So check out how the naming convention serves the production life of the song:

First Scratch Session
EP01.01.01 Shoes Scratch

2nd Session Rhythm section is recorded
EP01.01.02 Shoes Rhythm

After listening to the rhythm section recording, Elvis decides to add an instrumental solo. Note that the arrangement number changes so the iteration number follows suit.

3rd Session Rhythm section is re-recorded instrumental solo is added
EP01.02.01 Shoes Instrumental

4th Session Final Vocal
EP01.02.02 Shoes Vox

5th Session Electric Guitar
EP01.02.03 Shoes Electric