Shocked When I Sing: The Got it Got it Need it

Jason “Goody” Goodwin talks to Josh Compton about finding your voice, the evolution of a band and his new EP.


Josh Compton: I’ve only heard a few of your songs — one that was being mixed and two that you played live at Bring Your Song — but you have a really unique sound and style and I’d like to know where that comes from. What inspires you or influences you?

Jason Goodwin: I think the main inspiration of my music comes from music that I listened to early in my life. My parents were country and southern gospel fans — I related to a gospel singer name Squire Parsons. My dad always liked Blues music and sang Woody Guthrie and Carter Family songs around the house. But weirdly enough, the main influence for me at that time was music I could find on MTV. Because of MTV I heard this amazing band from Boston named Morphine. Their music was so haunting and beautiful and simple; their set up was drums, baritone sax and a 2-string slide bass guitar. The idea that this amazing, haunting sound came from three guys really sparked my interest in simplistic song structures.

Other musicians I admire are RL Burnside, Junior Kimbroh, Early G.Love and Special Sauce, Taj Mahal, Ry Cooder, and Willie Dixion. I also love early heavy metal, and desert sludge — bands like Kyuss and Fu Manchu and Sabbath and Led Zep.

Lyrically, I don’t know where it comes from. I try to write simple but interesting vocals and patterns that fit the vibe of the major rhythm of the song.

JC: Yeah, I can really hear those gritty, Fat Possum influences in your songs and especially in the way you sing. Did it take you a while to find your singing voice, or has it always sort of been there?

JG: When I was a kid, like young, I sang like Eddie Vedder and was kinda made fun of. When I started playing as a “musician”, I played in instrumental bands and at the time, a lot of my favorite singers were higher pitch than me. But one day, literally in Matt Hoope’s kitchen, I just accepted that my voice sounded like that. Most people are shocked when I sing.

JC: Can you tell me a little bit about the record you’re making? What does the recording process look like for you guys?

JG: We’re completing a three song ep called the Villain EP. It’s currently being mixed by John King and we have Adam at Cauliflower Audio Mastering master it. We’ll have physical and digital copies. After that, in the new year, we are looking to do a short full length, 8 to 9 songs, and that’ll be called “Moan and Cuss”.

The process is very simple and old fashioned with the use of modern technology to make it easier. We all play live together in a room, with guitars and basses being plugged into the computer and using fake amps that live in said computer to get a very live-like performance. But drums and vocals are the only real element in the room. After we perform we’ll take our normal amps and dial in a tone that gives you goose pimples, then vocals are recut. Then we add whatever we wanna add (keys, extra vocals, horns) that’ll enhance the song. The Got It Got It Need It’s recordings should sound like the best live show. The performance is tight and has a special feel to it. It’s not perfect, but to our ears it is.

JC: Can you tell me a little about your band mates and how you all started playing together?

JG: The Got It Got It Need It have been around for around 5 years (which is odd to say) but this line up has been together for around a year.

The band was originally a duo, with myself and a totally different drummer, but we were feeling artistically frustrated with the tone and style of the band. I met Dustin (Dusty) DeMattio through his girlfriend and other friends, we just became friends talking about guitar gear and bands we enjoyed. Dusty became a member after the original drummer and I went in different directions. Josh Garrett, our drummer, was recommended by Dusty and he’s literally the best drummer for this musical project. Josh was a friend that always asked to jam and it just never worked out, but when we were looking for a drummer, Dusty recommended we try Josh, and after that first jam I was convinced that he was the dude for the job. Reed Parker is the final piece of the puzzle. He was in an amazing band that played a show with a band I was formally in, and we stayed friends. When we decided we needed a 4th member of this band, Reed was the first person I thought of and he fit in perfectly

JC: Have you guys recorded before, or is this a new experience for the band?

JG: For this line-up, except for demos and song ideas, this is our first recording effort.

For the band, we have an old line-up EP that was made that I can’t wait to get rid of. It was not mixed correctly or sound like what the Got It Got It Need It should sound like

JC: Do you guys play out often? Where would be a good spot for people to find you?

JG: Not really. We’re playing about every 10 weeks and in different locations from Musica to Annabelle’s to the Auricle to Buzzbin to the Beachland Ballroom/tavern to Mahal’s. We’ve played them all. When the recording is ready for the pubic we hope to tour.

JC: Excellent…thanks so much, Jason!

JG: Anytime Josh