Newest Member of the Realgrey Arsenal - Neotek Elite Mixing Console

Over the last few years I’ve become familiar with the Neotek line of vintage recording consoles.  We’re thankful to have added an Elite to our recording tool offering.


The prospect of adding a vintage console to our workflow has been a daunting task to say the least. Deciding what type of console to pursue is one thing, actually finding an older console that is functional and still feasible is much another.

I loved what I heard from the MCI at Miner Street Recording in Philadelphia Pa. So I looked down that path and found one on Reverb. I reached out to the owner, who ended up being Butch Walker. He told me he bought it from Duncan Rowe from Sphere Recording Consoles, in Nashville. Butch hadn't unpacked it since he bought it. He had intended on setting up a studio when he moved to Nashville but just didn't have the time, so by then it had been out of service so long I felt like there could be a fair amount of maintenance just to get it up and running.

Steve Albini, from Electrical Audio in Chicago is a Neotek user. Notice the Elite setting in the background.

Two years ago, as a "hold-me-over" we started using a Midas Verona 480 console which offers a wonderful clean sound. The idea of a clean signal path in the pre-stages of signal processing has grown on me. We have outboard gear for color. Neve 511 and API 312 500 series units have not disappointed when we've wanted that type of sound. I've been collecting outboard gear for a quick minute so having a clean signal console is a good match.

Just a few weeks ago, Brok Mende from Friends of Friends Recording sent word that he saw a Neotek Elite on Duncan's website. Sure enough, and in great shape. Duncan and I talked thru the details and iced the deal. He's super easy to work with. He only buys great gear so there's a ton of experience and knowledge you glean the benefit of when you deal with Duncan. Highly recommended.

The Neotek Elite was a natural progression for us. The benefit of modular channels will provide plug-n-play serviceability, while being able to use it as an inline or split console makes it a good fit for our hybrid recording environment.

Our estimated install date is March of 2022.