Michael Omartian, Producer, Arranger, Recording Artist

Michael Omartian (born November 26, 1945) is an American singer-songwriter, arranger, keyboardist, and music producer. He has been a participant in numerous albums during a career that has spanned more than four decades. As a producer, he has had number-one records in three consecutive decades —Wikipedia


Christopher Cross, Produced by Michael Omartian

In the fall of 1979 I went to Kansas City for Thanksgiving with my brother David and his wife Barbara. David mentioned an artist he had been listening to and hence my introduction to Michael Omartian. Seasons of the Soul, was a standout track to me from the Michael and Stormy Omartian project with the same title. I was facing some of the most difficult issues I ever had in those days, I found their music very comforting and maybe even a little life changing.

The first of the following year found me back at college playing my new prized album (Seasons of the Soul) for friend and music collaborator, Dan Harris. Dan's response was spot on ... "the production is head and shoulders over most".

Not long after that I began seeing Michaels work with other artists. Christopher Cross, Rod Stewart, Dianna Ross. Dude worked with Steely Dan. Crazy.

A few years later Michael was featured on the cover of Keyboard Magazine, September 87. The issue dropped not long after Michael released "Conversations", a Neo Classical project that displayed his love for classical arrangement framed in his style. And I had a new favorite.

Steely Dan

Fast forward to 2018, Broe Davis and I headed over the Sweetwater's "Gear Fest" where Michael was going to be a keynote speaker. We went 30 minutes early thinking there might be a chance he'd just be hanging out... and he was.

I introduced myself and quickly our conversation went to gear, software and common connections from Nashville ... and oh yeah, my copy of Keyboard Magazine. "Michael, would you mind signing my copy of Keyboard magazine!" ... he laughed and said "Dude, I don't even have one of these, that was a long time ago". Broe took the pics featured above.

Dianna Ross

Before his session I asked him where I could find a copy of "Conversations" ... He told me to call him and remind him the following week and he'd burn me off a copy from the original master. And so I did, and he did. Ummmm ...It's an incredible thing to meet someone who's career you've admired for years, it's an added bonus when they are just a wonderful human.

If you ever want to sit down with a cup of Walkie Talkie (Coffee) and listen to "Conversation", I'm always glad to light up the Focals and give it a spin.