Ledges are Releasing Hope

With Connie Flack providing La Croix and Ron Flack offering the space, Andy Hoffman and Matt Gregory from the Ohio Native band, Ledges, sat down in the Realgrey Records, Our Carriage house Studio to talk about the process of building a song.


The interview takes place in 2019 during the band’s process of writing their 2021 released single, Hope. Hoffman composed the original idea starting with a catchy lead line, but he knew he wanted to make it more. So, Andy asked the band’s keyboardist, Matt Gregory, to join the creative process as the lyricist. “The band is very collaborative,” Andy said. “We all have different strengths, and Matt is definitely our best lyricist.”

An interview with Andy Hoffman and Matt Gregory. To build a song. from BRING YOUR SONG on Vimeo.

The song was originally mapped out, but they revealed that plans changed. “I went a totally new direction with it,” Matt said. But Andy trusted Matt’s ability and lyrical control. The song is categorized on streaming sites as alternative. It leads in with the beautiful, calming sound of an acoustic guitar and vocals. Andy didn’t want anything crazy; the plan was to keep the music mellow and soothing. With the help of Our Carriage House Studios and Realgrey Records, the musicians were able to capture their ideas and make this meaningful song. Hope by Ledges is now available for streaming on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, etc.