How Can I Keep From Singing?

Music speaks where words cannot. During this pandemic, we have all struggled to know how to access deep connection as we’ve experienced so much change and isolation from our typical ways of being together.


Who are the SILs? We are three sisters-in-law. Varying levels of musical training. Varied musical preferences. Varied experience performing.

But we share a deep love of music, some “good enough” skills, and a COVID bubble, and as we see it, that’s all you need for a band!

A few weeks before Christmas last year, we organized a concert to perform Live on Facebook for our families and business communities (we all work in family businesses, Liz and Rachel -Pleasant Wealth, Aubrey - Redbudsuds).

We had no idea if anyone would even come, but after a week, the concert had over 600 views.

Little did we know that the original concert’s theme: “songs of hope within pain, safety within darkness, light beyond confusion, courage in the face of fear, and ultimately, belonging” would actually speak to US as we faced the news that one of the SILs may have terminal cancer just days after the concert.

Good news spoiler alert: she didn’t.

The success of the first concert and the positive ripples we experienced through sharing our music together further solidified our desire to do another.

For International Women’s Day, we’re coming together again with songs that represent seasons of life that we cycle through over time: times of birth, growth, fruit, decay, death, waiting & rebirth.

From our Mennonite tradition of harmonious singing and branching out into new styles in pop, soul, and even a bit of hip-hop, we offer our music as an expression of our faith, our love, and our hope for the world we share - in all its beautiful and broken pieces.

We hope that listeners find presence and see a piece of themselves shining in our offering: SILver and Gold.