Decoupling Live Room Walls

The basic definition of decoupling is to separate objects. Decoupling to isolate sound is most commonly done with Hush Sound Isolation Clips, resilient channel, or specialty framing like double stud or staggered stud walls.  Here’s what we’re doing ...


Occasionally, I create a 3d screencast video for those who will be helping with the build out of the studio. Yesterday I created this video on the topic of decoupling the walls in our live room.

Fundamentally I've approached the design in free standing modules, that is, sections of the room that can be built independently from other structural members. Because these freestanding modules don't make physical contact with the exterior walls of the building they are "decoupled". So the hope is to limit the transfer of sounds waves from one area to the other. Isolation is the word of choice for many.

Listen in to hear a little about the process that we plan on embarking on in January of 2022.