Collaborating with Session Players at Realgrey Records

Realgrey Records offers solo artists a unique opportunity to enhance their music through collaboration with skilled session players.


Here's how it works:

Facilitated Connections:
Once you've visited Realgrey you are given access to a network of session players who are available to contribute to their projects. These session players are skilled musicians with expertise in various instruments and genres.

Direct access to players:
Artists discuss their musical vision with the Realgrey Records team, outlining the specific requirements for their recording project. Whether it's a need for a guitarist, pianist, drummer, among others, by viewing the artists profile you have an objective look at each artist.

Booking Studio Time:
Once the session players are identified, artists are responsible for booking studio time that accommodates everyone's schedules. Realgrey Records assists in coordinating these sessions, ensuring that the recording process runs smoothly.

Seamless Integration:
During recording sessions, session players seamlessly integrate into the artist's project, enhancing the music with their skills and expertise. Whether it's adding layers to a track or providing solos, session players become an integral part of the creative process.

Maintaining Autonomy: While Realgrey Records facilitates the collaboration, artists retain full control over their artistic direction. They have the autonomy to make decisions regarding their music, ensuring that their vision is realized.

Community and Support:
Throughout the recording process, artists and session players form a community, united by their passion for music. Realgrey Records fosters a supportive environment where creativity flourishes, allowing artists to feel empowered and inspired.