TEC Award Winning, PhantomFocus™ System Comes to Canton

Carl Tatz has pencilled in, Our Carriage House Recording Studio in Sunny Canton Ohio, for the Summer of 2022.


The PhantomFocus™ System is the acclaimed custom turnkey tuning protocol for professional studio monitor optimization for those who demand the highest level of monitoring accuracy and performance, whether it be in a bedroom or world-class mix room. Hardware includes dual subwoofer modules, the PhantomFocus Processor, PhantomFocus monitor stands, and the PhantomFocus eChair™ ensemble, rendering the ultimate monitoring experience

Carl Tatz and Warren Huart talk about the PhantonFocus System at The Upper Deck in Nashville

The four systems vary only by subwoofer system compliment determined by use and application. System 4 (Coming to Our Carriage House Recording Studio) with its two powerful new ICE Cube™-12 subwoofers are sufficient for most installations.

PhantomFocus System Step-by-Step Process for Existing Control Rooms

1. Consultation via phone assisted by client-provided photos and room dimensions to qualify that the space is PFS ready prior to the CTD team onsite arrival. Suggestions may be made relative to wiring, console position, acoustics and various other logistics unique to the room. The goal is to inform both studio owner and CTD what to expect upon arrival.

2. CTD team arrive to perform installation (typical two -day process). Implementation includes monitor/console/listening positioning relative to axial modes and boundary effect calculations, alignment via the CTD LaserQuad ™ system, monitor and subwoofer mounting, phase correction and tuning

3. System commissioning, client tutorial, and hand-off to completion

TEC Award Winning Studio Designer Carl Tatz on Pensado's Place #305

Note: All systems using near–fields share identical speaker spacing, tweeter–to–tweeter, enhancing image compatibility from system to system.

System choice based on, but not limited to, desired sonic muscle, low-end extension and cubic footage of control room. Any system can be implemented in a Near-Field, Mid- Field, Mains or Dual Phantom Focus™ System.

See the PhantomFocus website for more details
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